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Mohammed Abbas Khalil: “College definitely made the transition to university much smoother,”said Computer Networks student 

 Mohammed studied Computer Networks at Oldham College. His qualification allowed him to get a place at university studying Computer Networks and Security. 


Mohammed took time out of his studies to talk to our Alumni team about life at university, how college helped prepare him for further study and his advice for others hoping to progress to university. 


“College definitely made the transition to university much smoother,” said Mohammed. “Because our course at Oldham College was already so intense, I had a feel for working at a higher level and also it did give me a headstart academically.” 


The Faculty of Digital Technologies delivers up-to-date knowledge and skills to support young people in achieving a career in the digital industry, providing specialist studies in networking infrastructure, networking architecture, project management skills, cybersecurity, enterprise technologies and business applications. Students also benefit from regular contact with industry specialists. 


All of this has put Mohammed in a fantastic position to succeed at university. 


“The highlight of university so far has been just the immense amount of knowledge in the field I have gained, as well as the industrial insight I’ve had visiting companies for my placement year,” he said. 


Mohammed also shared some of the challenges that have come with university life, which far from coming from his studies, have come from his life outside the classroom.  


“Definitely moving out and living alone was very difficult at first,” he admitted. “But eventually it was very rewarding. 


“If you are moving out make sure you learn essential skills like cooking and cleaning. I now work for the university residential team and a lot of new students do struggle with this aspect of university. If you’re not moving out then make sure you put in the extra time and never leave things last minute. Being a commuting student can sometimes cause you to feel less engaged as you’re not always on campus, but make sure you put in the extra hours.” 


Finally, Mohammed shared his ambitions for after university. 


“Eventually I want to work in network architecture or design,” he said. “In five years’ time I see myself as an established engineer working for a large scale company and growing as I work.” 


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